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Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89 Volume Two: Call for submissions!

"Sounds like vintage electronica, looks like vintage electronica…"
Bedroom Cassette Masters Volume One was a thirty track downloadable compilation of synth & drum machine music recorded in bedrooms around the world during the period 1980-89.  It included a fully illustrated 60 page PDF. The original idea was to uncover purely authentic examples of the genre, but curator Simon Holland (aka Carrillion) soon discovered artists that were producing music that consciously sounded like it had been recorded in the eighties along with retro-style cassette artwork often featuring popular cultural references from the same period.  Suddenly it no longer mattered when the music had been produced - the sonic and visual aesthetic was everything.  At the time of writing, Bedroom Cassette Masters Volume One has been downloaded over 430 times, received over 7,000 plays on bandcamp and been featured on numerous podcasts, music websites, e-zines and social networking sites.  All this has been so much fun that a second volume seemed inevitable…

Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89 Volume Two
Call for submissions (deadline 25th March):

You have either: 
  • 1)  Produced music in the period 1980-89 with synths, keyboards, drum machines (vocals/percussion/stylophones optional) - absolutely no guitars!
  • 2)  Produced music imagined in the style of the above*
We need either:
  • 1)  AIFF/WAV/MP3 file of your track
  • 2)  JPEG/TIFF files of your original vintage artwork, artist/band portrait photographs etc… for our designer to work with
  • 3)  Artist/band biographical information (including your hyperlinks) - don't forget the band/artist name and the title of the track
  • 4)  Instrument/equipment/gear list
  • 1)  AIFF/WAV/MP3 file of your track
  • 2)  JPEG/TIFF files of your imagined artist/band portrait photographs, vintage artwork etc**… for our designer to work with
  • 3)  Your imagined artist/band biographical information (including your hyperlinks) - don't forget the band/artist name and the title of the track
  • 4)  Imagined Instrument/equipment/gear list

You get:
  • 1)  Our designer will produce a gloriously illustrated pdf featuring a separate page layout for you (or the imagined 'you') along with hyperlinks to your own bandcamp/soundcloud/website etc... (See Volume One's PDF here on issuu)
  • 2) Your track will be included on Volume Two of Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89 which will be available to download as a whole album from bandcamp (along with the aforementioned glorious fully illustrated PDF)
  • 3) We worked very hard to promote Volume One and the fans of that project have expressed a very clear desire to want to hear more - much more - music with the same aesthetic.  Everyone on Volume Two will benefit from this and you can be sure your work will be reaching appreciative ear-drums and of course the links in the pdf will go straight back to you, your avatar/sock puppet, your bank manager or wherever you want it to go!

* How you go about getting your retro sound is up to you - vintage instruments or VST emulations, tape or DAW… it's the aesthetic that's important, not the method.
** Whether you choose to use your own name, cheat your age, make up an evil twin, create an entire fictitious group with a large back catalogue is again all up to you. Just as long as you give our designer something to work with and respect others' privacy (i.e. don't submit that photograph of an old girlfriend for the album cover without her permission).  You do not need to make your pictures look vintage or mock up cassette covers - we will do all that with your supplied artwork.

Submission guidelines:
Email your files and text to me here: (or hit 'reply to').
The deadline is 25th March 2013.

If you encounter problems because your files are too large to email don't forget you could use Dropbox, Sendthisfile etc or just send me links to the file(s) whether they be on Soundcloud etc...

Important information:
                    1)  It will be made clear in the pdf (as it was in Volume One) that the copyright for the music remains with the individual artist - that's you, whether you're working under a pseudonym or not.
                    2)  All featured artists will receive the full album download and pdf for free
                    3)  For everyone else the album will be available to download on bandcamp for £3 which will go toward compensating our little team for the dozens of unpaid hours they've put in.

Frequently asked questions:

Why do you want me to pretend it's 1986?  Can't I just be me?
You are you!  But this is a chance to get your eighties influenced minimal electro pop heard by lots of others who enjoy exactly that kind of musical vibe accompanied very much by its visuals and have some fun at the same time.
As well as a fiendishly clever muso, I am also a graphic designer/photographer/illustrator etc… exactly what artwork do I submit to you?
Well done you!  If your work is authentic (see option 1) then simply scan in your old cassette cover at 100%, with or without biro scribble, felt-tip illustrated band logo etc… and dig out that old photo of you with the mirror shades/shoulder pads.  If you're imagining you did the work in the eighties then provide us with a standard compact cassette sized cover (at least 72 dpi at 100%) using materials available to DIY bedroom music producers in the mid-eighties.  Essentially that means Letraset, photocopying, cut out magazine pictures, scalpelled prints of you posing with those mirror shades.
Help!  I am not a graphic designer/photographer/illustrator etc… what artwork do I submit to you?
Don't worry - our lovely designer Rachel will work her magic with any old rubbish (right, Rach?), but seriously:  take a photo of you or the band wearing eighties stuff, big hair, New Romantic make-up, stone-washed denim, what ever you like - that will be the album cover.  (If you have some variations from your dressing-up-like-it's-1984 shoot, choose no more than five please!)  But if you're really stuck, just dig out an old eighties looking photograph and scan that in.  Rachel will produce your band logo and album graphics based on the information you gave us.
I was already featured in Volume One - can I submit to Volume Two as well?
Sure can!  You could even submit something under a different name if you like, but inclusion in the first volume does not automatically preclude you from Volume Two.

Infrequently asked questions:
How many tracks will be on Volume Two?
We are aiming for thirty tracks, which comes out at around 90 minutes just like Volume One.
What happens if you get too many submissions?
Bedroom Cassette Masters Volume Three!
Why isn't Volume Two a free download like Volume One was?
At present the bandcamp download credit situation means that a free-to-download album may from time to time default to a 'minimum price' when the 200 'free download' credits run out in a given period.  This happened to Volume One, and at that point one has to purchase more 'free download' credits. We had considered promoting Volume Two stating that the album would be 'free for limited periods'  to cover this possibility, but the effort spent policing the bandcamp statistics in order to pre-empt downloads running out would be too time consuming.  Therefore we felt it would be more practical to have a simpler pricing model.
I hope this just about covers everything but don't hesitate to holler if something is unclear!

Si Holland
aka Carrillion
Facebook pages:
Bedroom Cassette Masters

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